Abella LeClerc
"Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I'm not as strong or smart as a boy!"
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Height 5'1
Birthday 1st April 2001
Age 11
Nationality French
Wand Arm Right
Family Jean-Paul LeClerc, Father. Jeanne LeClerc, Mother. Claudette LeClerc, older sister. Jean-Luc LeClerc, Older Brother. Christophe LeClerc
House Ombrelune
Year 1st
Wand 8",Ebony, Veela Hair
Blood Pure-Blood
Patronus A Robin
Boggart Seeing her family and friends dead
Amortentia New Parchment, Roses and Juice

About Abella Ombrelune
Abella is a 1st year student at Beauxbatons, and will be sorted into Ombrelune. She is a member of the famous Pure-Blood family, the LeClerc's.

Abella was born in the famous wizarding family, the LeClerc's. Her father is the French Minister of Magic, her mother is an artist, and her siblings are students too. She is known for being strong, cunning and clever. Abella fights for what she belives in, no matter what. She isn't as blood supremacist as her family, and has a lot of muggle-born and half-blood friends.



Abella has long, straight brown hair and brown eyes. She often wears old fashioned clothes when not at school, as her family are a traditional family. She stands at 5'1", and has a pretty round face.


  • Abella is currently in Ombrelune
  • Her best subject is DADA
  • She owns a pet cat called Fifi
  • She dislikes muggle fast food resturants
  • Her model is a young Georgie Henley