Adam Roberts
"Yes, I need a wheelchair. But that doesn't make me weird"
Hair Brown
Eyes Dark brown
Height 5'9
Birthday 12th September 1996
Age 17
Nationality British (Transfer Student)
Wand Arm Right
Family Dead mother and father. Jasmine Roberts, Sister. Joe Roberts, Twin Brother
House Papillonlisse
Year 6th
Wand 11",Beech, Dragon Heartstring
Blood Pure-Blood
Patronus An Owl
Boggart Loosing his sister Jasmine or brother Joe
Amortentia Wine, Toothpaste and freshly baked cake

About Adam Papillonlisse crest and banner
Adam Roberts is the son of Rodger and Kate Roberts. He has a younger sister, Jasmine, twin brother Joe, and they live with the head of Papillonlisse and her son Marius.

Adam and his brother and sister were born to Rodger and Kate Roberts in London, England. They were murdered two years after Jasmine was born, and this left the kids devastated. They went to live with their grandparents, who died after two months, due to another dark witch killing them. It wasn't long after this that he was hit by a car, and this made his legs useless, and he could never walk again. When he decided to go to Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts, he met a boy called Marius. With Jasmine staying at a friends house, Marius and his mum offered to let them live with them. He has a girlfriend called Grace, and is part of a lot of Drama and musical productions.



Adam has dark short brown hair and brown eyes. He needs glasses and has braces, and he can't walk again, so he uses a wheelchair. If he was able to stand he would be 5'9"


  • Adam is in Papillonlisse
  • He can't walk
  • She owns an owl called Cola
  • He loves chocolate
  • His model is Keven McHale