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Coralone Jones

About CoralineEdit

She grew up on a farm and she is an only child she has blond hair and blue eyes her parents are also blond haired and blue eyed. She has three pet horse's named Snowey, Blackey, and Bluey. The horses' coat color's are white, black, and blue. She was born in America in California before she moved to France. She had only one friend and her firend's name is Mandy Dimonds. Her friend Mandy had moved to New York before she moved to France.

More about CoralineEdit

She is very kind and loyal to thoes who are kind to her. She is Muggle-born, both of her parents are muggles. One of her skills are changing her appearence at her will. She is good at making friends with other studens.  She will be in her first year.  She is 11 or 12 years old, she was born March 18, 2001.

Bellefeuille crest and banner
Coralone Jones

Coraline Bellefeuille

 – "Snowey, Bluey, Blackey, where are you three?"

"This is my talk bubble"