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Eden S. Aleron
Full Name Eden Sadie Aleron
Birthday March 7th
Status Half-blood (Half-breed) Witch
Wand Laurel, Phoenix Feather
Wand arm Ambidextrous
Patronus European Robin
Occupation Student
Loyalty   Papillonlisse
House of Aleron


Eden Sadie Aleron was born March 7th to Beau Aleron and Felicity Aleron (Edens) in Savoie, France. She is, very unfortunately the couples second child, she is also their only child. Eden came into the world with a twin sister, Carys Tegan Aleron. Eden was born perfectly healthy, her sister Carys was born very weak, and she died very soon after birth. Felicity and Beau, Felicity more so than Beau were distraught. Felicity was shell-shocked for significant length of time. Eden, for a long while was completely unaware of, and could not recollect Carys if she wanted to, how would she? Her mother and father have always been outrageously cautious of all Eden's actions. They guarded her against everything, and any little thing in fear of losing another child. When it finally came to light that Eden was a twin, she was not sure how to accept the news. She had never once felt as if a part of her was missing, she did think her parents mollycoddled her a bit too much and she was sure a lot of kids thought that.

After being told of Carys, her birth and her death, Eden never asked a single question. She knew that if her parents had kept this from her there had to be a good reason, and she knew that there was a more pressing reason as to why they would suddenly bring her up. As usual Eden was right. Eden and Carys were birthed by a surrogate. A stranger who has been totally and completely unrelated to her was the one to bring her into the world. A fact that still bothers Eden, a thought that she regularly has to shake off. There is the sense that Eden is unsure of her identity, something else Eden has to shake off. Her mother is still her mother, her father is still her father. Les différences dans mon passé ne font pas une différence en moi. Eden repeats this regularly when feeling insecure, and then laughs at how absurd it is that she needs to remind herself of this simple fact.



Eden Aleron Papillonlisse
-Altération de mon passé ne me faites pas.

"Bonjour mon ami, je suis appelé Eden Aleron. Comment dois-je vous appeler?"

Eden enjoys the protective instincts of her mother and father, because she loves them as much as she does. Eden would love to go out, explore influenced by her surroundings, the sights and sounds. Eden is what is often referred to as a esprit du vent, she is content going with the flow easing along with what life sees fit to offer. She hates this term and would much rather be called polyvalent.


Eye Colour Blue-Green
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 163.56 cm
Weight 52 kg
Native Language French
Ethnicity French
Languages Spoken French, Maltese, Catalan, English
Clothing Style Casual
Shoe Size 34


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Family InfoEdit

Mother Felicity Aleron Father Beau Aleron Sister Carys Aleron† (Deceased)