'''Give a short history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are?''''''''''Lily grew with a little brother and sister.When she was seven her parents bought her a snowy owl and she called it ''Ruby''. Two years later she startes playind quidditch in her back yard playing as a Seeker.'''

'''Give a short description of your character's personality.'''''She's a girl that prefers to be arond pure-bloods andshe prefers a small group of them. Shes pretty kind and competitive.''

'''What blood is your character? Muggle-born, pure-blood, or half-blood? Remember, you cannot be related to any Harry Potter characters!'''


'''What are you character's skills? What things are they good at?''''' She's great at quidditch and she's also great at Potions.(she can talk parseltongue)''

'''What year will your character be in? Or are they gradated?'' '''Year no. 5''

'''Which house do you want your character to be in (no guarantees, just asking what your perspective as the user is)?'''''' ''Papillonlisse'''''

'''Beauxbatons students usually come from France, Belgium, or Switzerland, and sometimes from a few other surrounding nations. Where does your character come from?'' '''France''

'''Thank you, you're done! An admin will contact you soon. Please be patient.'''