Students travel to Beauxbatons by means of the school’s large, powder-blue carriages, which are pulled by winged horses.  There are several carriages that arrive at major cities throughout nearby Europe.  The horses and their carriages are enchanted to be invisible to non-magical eyes.  It is a peaceful, magical ride and has been a tradition at Beauxbatons Academy for many centuries.  Light refreshments are served on the carriages, and there is no assigned seating; as long as they are traveling on the same carriages, friends are able to sit together.  Rowdiness, however, is not permitted, and students are expected to be on their best behavior.  As disguising into Muggle surroundings is greatly encouraged, students are not required to wear their robes for the carriage ride.  They are required, however, to dress in their robes for the school’s opening ceremonies, and changing rooms and facilities are provided on board.  The magical ride lasts several hours.  Some carriages must be boarded earlier than others, based on their proximity to the academy, so that they may all arrive at Beauxbatons at the same moment.  Due to their strict schedules, the carriages are very prompt, and are unable to wait for students who are running late.  Pupils are expected to arrive on time, and if one happened to miss their carriage, they would be responsible for finding transportation to the school.  Tardiness is more or less unheard of, though, as those who do not make it to the academy on time face serious disciplinary action.  Students are responsible for arranging transportation to one of the pick-up locations beforehand, and arriving on time for departure.  Carriages arrive at hidden locations right outside of the following cities:  Paris, France; Nantes, France; Lyon, France; Bordeaux, France; Marseille, France; Brussels, Belgium; and Bern, Switzerland.  Each carriage has a capacity of 30 passengers, not including the carriage attendants. The carriages make their majestic landing on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea at sunset.  Students are then directed to leave their luggage on the carriages, and arrange themselves in rows by age and house.  Pupils make their way up the sloping lawns to the castle, starting with the eldest, seventh years, and ending with the youngest students, the first years that are soon to be Sorted.  Older students seat themselves around the headmistress and the golden wand to watch the Sorting Ceremony unfold.  The Sorting takes place in front of the castle, and afterwards, students make their way into the dining hall for start of term notices and a celebratory feast.