Beauxbatons welcome

Beauxbatons is one of the oldest and finest schools of magic in the world. It is a proud and noble institute, rife with practiced traditions and values. Beauxbatons students are typically French, but it is not unheard of for Swiss and Belgians to attend the academy as well. The school is the second largest in Europe, right after Hogwarts, and is currently lead by its famous headmistress, Professor Fleur Colemeaux.

The atmosphere of Beauxbatons is somewhat lighter, and the curriculum more focused on culture than most over schools. Students learn about music, creative arts and writing, as well as how to deal with situations diplomatically rather than immediately using hexes or other destructive spells. Beauxbatons encourages all forms of learning, and the classes are less focused on wand magic than the other two schools. It has been whispered that this is in part due to the growing numbers of discovered Elementals at Beauxbatons, though this is not common knowledge amongst most students. Officially, Beauxbatons has a very friendly and welcoming attitude, although students of other schools often misinterpret the prideful students of Beauxbatons as being somewhat snobbish.

Despite its students coming from a diverse handful of countries, the official language in Beauxbatons is French. It is spoken both inside and outside class. The Beauxbatons professors and staff are very strict about all attendants speaking French at all times. It is perceived as rude and exclusive to others to communicate in a language that isn't understood by everybody in the school. Beauxbatons proudly follows French customs and traditions, and students attending the school will often feel a strong bond to the French culture and language, regardless of where they are from. However, students are encouraged to learn about other cultures and languages in order to promote a greater level of understanding between neighbors.

Like the other two great European schools, Beauxbatons is split into different student houses. There are three different houses in Beauxbatons. They are Papillonlisse, Bellefeuille and Ombrelune; each of which has a Mousquetaire (musketeer), similar to Hogwarts' Prefects. Generally, the houses maintain a balanced number of boy and girl students in each, and every year the three compete for the House Cup. Points are awarded to each house based on their participation in classes and extra curricular activities -- particularly Quidditch. The house with the most points at the end of term is awarded the House Cup.

Note: Due to a large number of people unable to speak French, we will use English here, as the majority of the community can speak English.