This is the Maes-Lemmens Household. Located in Namur, Belgiam, these two houses are where the Maes family and the Lemmens family raised their children in tandem. Magical families band together, as protection against muggles, and half-breeds band together as protection against the discrimination of other wizarding people.

Océane, Cyrille, Bramnok and Émile settled here when Clara was a toddler, Amandine a baby, and Émile was just pregnant with Matthias-Gounok. Since, they've raised their five children, who've born four grandchildren, one of whom they share.

Océane Maes
(née Bel)
Cyrille MaesBramnokÉmile Lemmens
Léa MaesClara LeJeune
(née Maes)
Quentin LeJeuneAmandine Lemmens
(née Maes)
Matthias-Gounok LemmensNiels-Zibnok LemmensElise Lemmens
(née Janssens)
Hanne LeJeuneChloé LeJeuneAurélie LemmensAntoine Lemmens

Today, the household is home to all but Léa, the youngest of the three daughters, who is traveling and serching for her calling.

Lemmens HouseEdit

The Lemmens house, the brick one, is the house where Bramnok and Émile raised their sons, Matthias-Gounok and Niels-Zibnok. Bramnok and Émile still live there, along Niels-Zibnok and his wife Elise and their son Antoine.

Maes HouseEdit

The stuccoed house is the house where Océane and Cyrille raised their daughters, Léa, Clara, and Amandine. Clara still lives there, along with her husband Quentin and their girls, Hanne and Chloé. Amandine and Matthias-Gounok live there too, with their daughter Aurélie. Their rooms were built onto the west side of the house, when Aurélie was born.