1. No bunnying: You cannot decide that another users' character does something.
  2. The Second Wizarding War is over: Voldemort is dead. He can not return, nor can anyone else that is dead or has retired, such as the Death Eaters.
  3. Reaction times: Your character may cast one, occasionally 2 spells, but then you must give the other character a chance to respond.
  4. Realism: Yes, we are playing in a world full of magic, where extraordinary things do happen...but we also want this wiki to be set in the realistic world of Harry Potter. To this end, please try to roleplay characters in a realistic fashion. Some examples are that the majority of people have feelings, get happy, sad etc. Also, in the real world, when we meet people, we say hi, ask them their name etc. When meeting someone important, we make an appointment, knock on their door, treat them kindly etc. All of these sort of things should be considered when roleplaying.
  5. Wizarding Culture: please remember that Beauxbâtons is in France. Some aspects of wizarding culture (such as coming of age at 17) apply here, but other, more British aspects (like sweets and beverages) of wizarding culture do not apply.